16' McKenzie River Driftboat

Plans and Construction Manual


On the Green River near Little Hole for the April Blue Winged Olive frenzy....


This plan set and construction manual will show you how to build a 16' (actually 14'6 stem to stern) McKenzie style driftboat.  This is a super strong hull, based on structural ribs and laminated wood & fiberglass skins.  The hull is far stronger than the typical "stitch & glue/sew" construction seen on many other boats, and is better suited for use on rivers where there are whitewater rapids.

This package includes a full set of plans for all pieces including the ribs, bowsprit, transom, floor, and seats, and a detailed construction guide with over 20 full color pictures that take you step by step through construction including how to build the strongback, materials selection, rib cutting and setup, hull sheeting, glassing,  finishing, and trimming. To build this boat properly, you need good woodworking skills, tools, and you absolutely must have access to a table saw.

The finished boat is a fine fishing platform and a very maneuverable river boat.  It will hold up to three people (2 fisherman & one rower), and has plenty of storage up front and under the seats.  This is a great little boat, and will get you down the river or across the lake in style..  A complete bill of materials is included with sources for the hardware and fittings.  

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 Pictures of a completed boat!    

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